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A unique approach- not to be found elsewhere- in the way the videos have been filmed and the content is portrayed.
Birdwing Beach Yoga
The Pelvis Body Boat
Introduction to Shoulders
Looking Over Your Shoulder

• Short and comprehensive videos on demand
• Easy to remember
• For the pro and newbie mover alike
• Anywhere, anytime, anyplace, anyhow
• Enjoy a forever pain-free healthy movement life

• Self-assisted body mentoring
• How-to tools
• Discover daily movement life tips no-one else mentions
• Taking time to learn to care for yourself
• Shot in various locations, so “it sticks”

Full Bridge (AKA Wheel) and Variations, Doing This Correctly Will Help Relax Your Neck
Walk Your Stairs Correctly
The Pelvis, Hip and Leg Connection
VIP Cable Exercise In Detail
Strengthening Is Lengthening
Your Pelvic Floor, Train It Mindfully (and Bodyfully!)
Hoover Lunges
Training the Core of Your Core

• Encouraging you to choose and pick out the right thing that is relevant for you
• Featuring movement beauty and complex matter wrapped in simplicity
• Fully focused on inspiring your body, mind and soul on every level
• Combining several aspects and methods, raising awareness and helping you learn about movement flow and health